Tea Processing

From Tea Tree To Tea Bag

Tea Filter Tea leavesTea is one of life’s simple pleasures. But there’s quite a bit of work to be done behind the scenes before it makes its way into your cup. Here’s a quick guide to the different stages of the process:

  • Our tea leaves are still picked by hand. The expert pickers have an eagle eye for quality, harvesting only the two leaves and a bud.
  • The leaves are laid out to reduce the moisture on ‘withering racks’ They are then rolled or cut in special machines to release their natural juices and enzymes.
  • Next comes fermentation – this is when the magic really starts to happen! From flavour to body, the tea develops its own unique aroma and taste.
  • The leaves are dried in ovens, then sorted into very small leaves for use in tea bags or left in larger sizes for loose tea.

Creating The Great Bewley’s Taste

The final stage of processing is only the beginning for us! When the sacks of tea are shipped to our factory in Dublin, our Master Blender takes the leaves and carefully blends them, creating the distinct flavours and aromas that make Bewley’s teas so refreshingly delicious.