Bewley's Gold Blend Tea

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Size: 80 Teabags

Winner of 2 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards, Bewley's Gold Blend Tea is our Master Blender's choice of the finest quality teas carefully selected from around the world.

Teas grown on the highest slopes of Mount Kenya bring a fresh, rich flavour. Tea from Assam in India adds an excellent, full-bodied character.

Rwandan leaves finish the blend with a glorious, deep golden colour.

Crafted for supreme quality, so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea every time.

Did you know that Bewley's was the first company to bring tea to Ireland in 1840? 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David Pernet Russell
Great Tea! Fast delivery ☘️

Love it, great flavour, and brings back to Dublin every time I have a cupa.

The delivery is fast ( living in France) and at fair price.

New Packaging

I have used Bewleys tea for many years and loved it. Recently my supplier brought in the “new look “ packaging which does look nice and the original flavour of Bewleys tea remains. However the material in the bags which hold the black tea is inferior and they burst in the teapot,spoiling the cup of tea. Wanted to bring this problem to your attention.

Elfriede Kaemmerer

Bewley's Gold Blend Tea

Sigrun Schöber
Great taste

For more than 10 years I regularly drink & enjoy this unique tea, even order it regularly from old Germany :-) It's worth the flavour!

Rob Turner
Best tea

We only buy BEWLEYS because it has a flavour of its own..!!!