The design is an abstract interpretation of the crop to cup journey. It outlines the many processes and stages involved in creating a cup of Bewley's coffee. Showing the journey in my visual language provides a bright and energetic design in the corridor space whilst also representing significant elements of the coffee process"




Shane O Driscoll is an Irish visual artist. He studied Visual Communications and is a member of Cork Printmakers and Backwater Artists Group.

He has exhibited his work internationally and throughout Ireland. Shane has work in the permanent collection of The National Gallery of Ireland, Crawford Art Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, UCC, UCD and has also displayed work in The Irish Print Museum. Check out Shane’s work on Instagram @shane.odriscoll



At Bewley's, every cup tells a story, and every sip is a nod to the vibrant artistic heritage that defines our brand. Shane’s abstract visual of the crop to cup journey celebrates just that. This vibrant graphic decorates our Northern Cross head office and roastery, but you may also see some elements of this design across different Bewley’s sites nationwide.


Experience the journey from crop to cup on the move! Our company vans now feature the crop to cup mural design adapted from Irish artist Shane O'Driscoll.