Bewley's Launch Seasonal Summer Beverages

May 20, 2021 2 min read

We are excited to announce details of our new seasonal beverage plan for 2021, and look forward to working with you again this year as we move closer to regular trading.

For over a decade, Bewley's has partnered with operators across the country to create the perfect seasonal beverages for your customers to enjoy. These campaigns are designed not only to upsell existing customers, but to attract new visitors to your establishments. For the first time this year, we are rolling out a full annual plan for our partners, which will require a single order through your account manager. This will then activate an automated order for Halloween and Christmas, when we will be uncovering indulgent specials and accompanying POS to excite your customers.
Our seasonal kits come fully stocked with the supplies you need to create spectacular new drinks to boost your range of offerings and our account managers are on hand to help you fully activate your promotions.

Our latest industry research has shown that your customers are willing to pay more for seasonal beverages. One in three customers like to share pictures of drinks they consume, so, for the first time ever this year, we will also provide you with digital assets to help you increase your engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Our packs will also include ‘refresher’ kits to help you activate additional drinks such as iced coffee and lattes.

Invigorating Summer Lemonades

Our lemonades are designed for customers seeking something a little different and are created using sparkling water served over ice for a revitalising Summer drink. Choose from classic lemonade, zesty pineapple or retro classic Cotton Candy.

Quirky Summer Lattes
Our two new premium lattes were real crowd-pleasers during testing. The plant-based Pina Co Latte mocktail (served over ice) is sure to be a hit on socials and is a stunning drink for those looking to add a tropical taste to 2021 staycations. The cotton candy latte is a great hot option for those not-so-Summery Irish Summer days!

The Bewley’s Summer Beverage Kit is available for €113, can we ordered by contacting Trade customers looking to purchase the Bewley’s Summer Beverage Kit can make a single order for a specific package or subscribe to an auto-ordering option which ensures each kit is delivered the moment they become available.