Until March 7th, it’s Fairtrade Fortnight. We want to use this time of the year to give you a bit of a backstory on what it means when you buy Fairtrade. To put it simply, it means a lot of things to a lot of people. Grab your cup of whatever you fancy and take 5 with us to learn a little on making more empowering decisions when it comes to your coffee.


First up, what goes on behind the scenes when you buy Bewley’s coffee that comes with the Fairtrade mark?


Here’s the process:


We pay a Fairtrade Minimum Price which is set to cover the cost of sustainable production for that product in that region.

Next up, we pay a Fairtrade premium. This is an additional sum that goes to workers and farmers and is put into a communal fund, which is used to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions - whatever they need.


As part of our contribution to Fairtrade premiums, Bewley’s pays 1.5% of global Fairtrade coffee premiums. You know who helps us do that and who helps coffee farmers lead fuller, fairer lives? You.


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